Add this Chewing Gum Remover Appliance to your company portfolio and every Council within the United Kingdom will thank you for it.

Chewing Gum Remover Appliance

Chewing Gum is unfortunately very unsightly and an issue faced on every street, paving and footpath. If you are currently offering Softwashing services, jet washing, Window Cleaning then this Chewing Gum Remover is ideal system to add to your business portfolio and a service every Council within the United Kingdom will thank you for.

Following the removal of the Chewing Gum we would recommend using and sealing the cleaned area with our Proteger ProShield Street Guard HD which makes Chewing Gum easier to remove in the future and also prevents the animal fat in Gum marking the flags.

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  • 250 Bar max pressure
  • 90°C max temperature
  • 045 nozzle
  • M22 M inlet
  • Stainless steel wear strips
  • Use with hot pressure washers
  • Not supplied with gun or lance

Safety regulations

1. Before using the appliance for the first time check that the nozzle fits your appliance.
2. Do not aim the Chewing-Gum-Cleaner at people, animals or electrical equipment.
3. Make sure the cleaning pressure is not too much so that the powerful jet of water does not damage the subsurface. With relatively soft – subsurface it is advisable to increase the pressure slowly from low to high so that when moving the Chewing-Gum-Cleaner it cannot damage the subsurface however make sure that there is.
4. Do not leave the appliance operating without supervision.
5. Protect the appliance from frost.
6. Make sure you have a safety area of at least 5 metres from the work place to avoid unforeseen situations with
unauthorised persons.

Operating instructions Chewing-Gum-Cleaner Poly-2

II. Instructions for using the appliance
1. Unscrew the protective casing.
2. Couple to the connecting pipe.
3. Couple the high pressure lance or pistol to the connecting pipe.
4. Hold the Chewing-Gum-Cleaner over the chewing gum and check the position through the above grid. The Chewing-Gum-Cleaner is held at about 45° to the surface. You can see the chewing gum at the same angle of 45° through the grid and on operating the pistol you can see the jet.
5. A few tests can be made in order to operate the appliance quickly. Put the Chewing-Gum-Cleaner on the chewing gum where the water jet hits the chewing gum exactly. So by switching the machine on and off a few times you will be able to determine the position quickly.
6. Once the machine has been positioned over the chewing gum and the high pressure pistol is switched on move the Chewing-Gum-Cleaner slowly backwards and forwards (about 20 mm backwards and forwards / 2-3 seconds). After about 4-5 seconds, often earlier, the chewing gum has been blown away and deposited into the Container. The cleaning pressure is a minimum of 150 bar up to 250 bar, where by generally 180 bar show proper and profitable results and is mostly sufficient and even advantageous.
7. In most cases the chewing gum is removed after a very short time, however on some sub surface such as natural stone, a coloured mark can be seen. This can be removed by operating the appliance for about 10 seconds (the pressure should not be less than 200 bar).
8. When working with hot water over 50° the high pressure cleaning appliance must have lime protecting equipment otherwise there‘s a risk that the nozzle will become furred up.
9. In order to remove the chewing gum from the container one or both of the lids are removed by pulling, and by turning sideways and shaking the Chewing-Gum-Cleaner the chewing gum falls out.
10. If the nozzle head has to be replaced a spanner ring key SW 32 can be used to unscrew it (right handed thread).
11. On screwing the nozzle head back on make sure that the first 5 turns are done by hand and only after that can it be carefully screwed on with the ring key, at a maximum of 8 Nm however. BEWARE: the nozzle cannot be unscrewed when cleaned because there is a risk that even the smallest particles can block the main nozzle. It is sufficient to clean the exterior of the filter but make sure that no dirt gets into the connecting threads. Apart from that the cleaning or opening of the nozzle head can only then be recommended if the high pressure cleaner has an unusually high pressure increase. With normal use of the Chewing-Gum-Cleaner this is normally prevented by the large filter surface.
12. The runners can be replaced whenever necessary.

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