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Proteger ProShield Facade Sealer is for your Commercial or Domestic Facade Protection and is available in 25L or 5L Tubs. Please select your size from the options below.

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Proteger ProShield Facade Sealer for your Commercial or Domestic Facade Protection is available in 25L or 5L Tubs.

Professional Performance

Proteger ProShield Facade Sealer is a fast acting sealant with powerful water repellency that significantly reduces efflorescence, moss and algae growth. Added benefits include reduced water ingress and protection from surface dampness with long lasting protection.

Proteger ProShield Facade Sealer is a professional water based sealer which serves as a high-quality, general-purpose treatment to impart excellent water repellency and stain resistance to many commercial external concrete, natural stone, brick and masonry façades.

It significantly reduces the capillary water absorption of treated surfaces, but doesn’t clog the pores or capillaries; allowing the surface material the ability to “breathe” and transfer moisture vapour. This product provides longlasting seal protection once fully cured.

We provided a demonstration on a property in Cheshire for a customer. The newly constructed property was being prepared ready to hand over to the new owner. Protgerer had been booked in to conduct a demonstration with our Facade Sealer, Proteger Proshield.

The water based, VOC free, impregnation sealer is now protecting the treated area for many years to come. This will protect the stone from surface deterioration and assist with future cleaning of the surface. It will also stop water ingress into the stone causing long term issues due to the freeze and thaw cycle over the coming years.


Sample Bottle 100ml, 5L Tub, 25L Tub, Half Pallet of 16 x 25L Tubs, Full Pallet of 32 x 25L Tubs

3 reviews for Proteger ProShield Facade Sealer

  1. Paul

    We use the Proteger Pro Shield on many of our jobs and highly recommend this product.

  2. Paul

    Noirwash(ing) in Lancaster – Ok Softwashing!!

    It was a dry day in Lancaster if not a little chilly. We had over 310 meters of brick wall to clean on site across a large social housing development. We decided that a light spray of Noirwash to help remove the green algae and moss before we steamed the brick clean was the best method.

    Even in the cold weather (low of 6c) the Noirwash worked very well indeed. It made a difficult job that much easier than steaming alone. Soft washing is a much more cost effective and time saving method than pressure washing, it is also less harmful on the substrate you are cleaning.

    We are now ready to apply our Proshield sealer tomorrow to keep the brickwork looking fresh and clean for years to come. This can be applied in temperatures as low as 10c!

  3. Admin

    Our facade sealer has been out on test on a concrete causeway and retaining wall and has just had the report back in from the client.

    “…..Proteger Proshield was applied to the cleaned section of concrete as per the contractors (PPL) recommendations and has been subject to weathering and carbon emissions from the wagons starting up each morning, over a period of 12 months. The area has remained clean and appears to show little or no return of carbon build up from exhausts. The area was washed off with a cold pressure washer (on low pressure) by our on site cleaners and responded well. The small amount of surface dirt washed off immediately and did not appear to have gone into the concrete itself. The product appears to be performing as per our requirements and the contractors report which was submitted prior to the work commencing.

    We are pleased with the results and wish to instruct the contractor to return to site, clean and prepare the full exterior compound area as per the brief and specifications attached.’

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