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Proteger Noir Wash – Is your professional formula providing specialist cleaning performance for the treatment of problematic deposits, including carbon, soot and black mould to many commercial and domestic external concrete, natural stone, brick and masonry façades.

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Proteger ProShield Noir Wash is a specialist commercial grade cleaner for the removal of carbon, soot and black mould from building façades and elevations.

Proteger ProShield Noir Wash will help to reduce moss and algae growth and easily eliminates grime and dirt from natural stone and similar hard surfaces.

Proteger ProShield Noir Wash is ideal for Soft washing is a cleaning and will safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae and other organic stains from roofs and other building exteriors.

Proteger ProShield Noir Wash is a professional formula providing specialist cleaning performance for the treatment of problematic deposits, including carbon, soot and black mould to many commercial external concrete, natural stone, brick and masonry façades.

Coverage Guide: Up to 10m2 per litre when diluted 1:5 Dependant on porosity and condition of surface.

Proteger ProShield Noir Wash for Patio’s and Block Pavings

Revitalise your driveway, patio or block paving using Proteger ProShield Noir Wash

  • Specially formulated to clean your patio of dirt and other general wear and tear marks.
  • The super strength formula of Proteger ProShield Noir Wash gets to work quickly to lift the stains and marks from your patio to leave it completely clear of stains and marks.
  • Suitable for use across a range of hard surfaces including block paving, concrete flags, steps, pathways and patio areas.
  • Brings your hard surfaces back to a like new condition, completely clear of dirt, stains and any algae.
  • Proteger ProShield Noir Wash will clean up to 10m2 per litre when diluted 1:5 (Dependant on porosity and condition of surface – extremely dirty patios may require a stronger mix). In our experience using and testing the Noir Wash we have been diluting to 1:7.
  • Please note we would not recommend using it on tarmac, fencing or decking.
  • Once the solution is completely dry, children and pets can re-enter the treated areas.

Directions for use on patios or block paving:

  • We recommend applying the product neat, straight from the bottle to areas you want to clean.
  • Can be applied with either a watering can or pump sprayer
  • Leave the solution down for at least 2 hours but preferably overnight, the longer the solution is left, the cleaner the surface.
  • Manually agitating with a brush can also aid results.
  • Once the solution has been applied and left for the required amount of time, wash down with a hose or watering can.
  • Do not use when rain is expected in the following 8 hours and we always recommend testing in an inconspicuous area before applying to the entire area.
  • Please note this is not a degreaser and will not remove oil stains

Proteger ProShield Noir Wash is HSE Compliant

Proteger Protect Noir Wash has received football Premiership recognition this week with use on one of the oldest and most famous football stadiums in Europe – please select the following link to find our more


5L, 25L, Half Pallet of 25L (16 Tubs), Pallet of 25L (32 Tubs)

8 reviews for Proteger ProShield Noir Wash

  1. Paul

    Noirwash(ing) in Lancaster – Ok Softwashing!!

    It was a dry day in Lancaster if not a little chilly. We had over 310 meters of brick wall to clean on site across a large social housing development.

    We decided that a light spray of Noirwash to help remove the green algae and moss before we steamed the brick clean was the best method.

    Even in the cold weather (low of 6c) the Noirwash worked very well indeed. It made a difficult job that much easier than steaming alone. Soft washing is a much more cost effective and time saving method than pressure washing, it is also less harmful on the substrate you are cleaning.

    We are now ready to apply our Proshield sealer tomorrow to keep the brickwork looking fresh and clean for years to come.

    This can be applied in temperatures as low as 10c!

  2. admin

    A Busy Day Softwashing On Site In Manchester

    Proteger was asked to conduct some stain removal of algae deposits from the brickwork after a number of overflows had been leaking for some time on apartment blocks in Manchester. The client specified ‘high pressure washing’ but we introduced the benefits of ‘soft washing’ and our product Noirwash, and after a demonstration the full site was cleaned via Softwashing alone.

    Soft washing as a chemical application is a lot less aggressive than pressure washing, which can if incorrectly used, cause damage to substrates and especially mortar between brick.

    The beauty of using the Noirwash is that it not only removes the unsightly markings but it kills the spores within the substrate meaning the ‘clean’ last so much longer than if high pressure cold water was used.

    The job was conducted quickly and efficiently as well because the chemical application is a lot less labour intensive than setting up high pressure hose and moving the equipment from place to place.

  3. admin


    Taking full advantage of a slight break in the weather we headed out to conduct a full site clean of approximately 2800q/m of paving slabs and some cedar cladding panels. After an initial successful demonstration on the cladding using Noirwash we won the job. The client then asked us to clean and treat all the pathways on site. The specification for the work stated ‘all hard surfaces to be pressure washed and then an algae clear product to be applied’. After explaining to the client our product eliminates the need for pressure washing, and it also treats the pathways providing long term results, they allowed us to proceed.

    We had a site meeting in the afternoon with the estates manager to check on our progress and he couldn’t believe the results we had achieved in such a short space of time. The site had previously been pressure washed, which took three days, and had only kept the pathways clean for six months. We have given the client a written guarantee stating if the algae returns within 24 months we will return to site and treat the affected areas for free. This is how confident we are in Noirwash, and soft washing as a method of cleaning hardstanding areas.

    Although you may not be getting the repeat work as often as you normally would on each particular site or house clean you do, the clients are usually so impressed with the results, that they are sending more work across the portfolio to the contractors. We pick up a lot of domestic work via word of mouth on each street we work on. We now find we are being asked to clean sites that have historically been pressure washed as Softwashing with Noirwash is quicker, more cost effective and means the pathways are slip free (for loner) going into the winter months.

    As a Proteger Proshield approved contractor don’t forget to send your pictures through of work you have undertaken with Noirwash. We will be marketing your business online via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as maintaining your listing and approved status level on our website.

  4. Admin

    Working on a big commercial distribution site today for a very big car manufacturer. All concrete access ramps (x20) treated with #noirwash @proteger_protect_ltd #jaguar #landrover #units #business #distribution #concrete #sealer #cleaner #facade

  5. admin

    Noirwash teams out todayin #sheffield and #Huddersfield cleaning and making safe pathways ready for the #cold Proteger Protect Ltd @ Proteger Protect Soda Restoration

  6. admin

    Its been a sunny day in Manchester so the teams have been out catching up on some long overdue site visits. It is always nice too see the sun out as our Noir Wash performs quickly when the weather is mild. It will work in the colder months but its slower to react below 6c.

    Now that the weather is improving and the average day time temperature is warming we will be using our soft washing bowser and the incredible cluing power of Noir Wash.

    Happy Soft Washing

  7. admin

    The Three Stages To Cleaning & Sealing Your Patio At Home With Proteger Proshield (DIY)

    Pre Clean your patio area. This can be done with cold pressure washing but will need treating with Noir Wash to kill off all spores within the stone that aren’t affected by cold water alone. You can also steam the surface if this is an option


    Allow the surface area to dry. Make sure it is free from any debris, leaf matter etc.


    Apply our StreetGuard HD Floor Sealer to the freshly cleaned surface. The water based impregnation sealer can be applied with a good quality hand sprayer (preferably with a lance) to atomise the liquid and give an even coat on the surface.

    Apply a good coverage (but don’t apply to thickly) and allow this to dry for 20 minutes or until tacky. THEN FOR THE MAGIC. Apply a second (lighter) coat to the pre treated area with the same HD StreetGuard. Our unique formulation creates a chemical reaction that will provide two layers of unrivalled protection to protect your stone, concrete,granite or sandstone flags. It will protect against traffic marks, spills from the odd glass of red wine and give the surface a new lease of life protecting your patio allowing you to enjoy those warm summer evenings.

  8. admin

    Noir Wash is an incredibly powerful facade cleaner that can tackle even the most stubborn of render staining, returning surfaces and buildings to as new.

    The Noir Wash when diluted down as far as 7:1 and is still a powerful cleaning agent. On the render clean (pictured below) that Proteger conducted in Southampton we ran at a ratio of 4:1 and as you can see Noir Wash produced some incredible results.

    The process of soft washing the building was conducted from ground level with our high reach pole system, delivering the Noir Wash in a controlled spray form.

    All chemical applications start at ground level and work up the building facade making sure every square inch is treated.

    This allows the building to be cleaned without the need for expensive access equipment on site.

    If you would like to see a demonstration of our Noir Wash in action on a rendered building please email Protger on info[@]protegerprotect.ltd

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